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How To Make Money as a Food Blogger in 2024

Food blogs are getting even bigger this year. Here is how to make revenue and income as a food blogger.

By IngredientlyJanuary 7, 2024
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In the dynamic world of digital content creation, the realm of food blogging continues to be a savory space for passionate individuals to blend their culinary expertise with the art of storytelling. Check out my recent post, to see just how big the Food Blogging Industry is! As we step into 2024, the landscape has evolved, presenting exciting opportunities for food bloggers to not only share their gastronomic adventures but also turn their passion into a lucrative venture.

Whether you're a seasoned food enthusiast or just embarking on your culinary journey, this guide will unveil and outline the latest strategies and trends that can help you carve a delectable path to success as a food blogger, maximizing both your culinary creativity and your earning potential in the ever-evolving digital sphere.

This extensive article will cover multiple ways to generate income from your food blog in 2024. It will briefly explain each monetization opportunity for further individual exploration. Food blogging and recipe creation is quite the competitive segment and niche when it comes to the SEO world. Yet, the first question that you are asking yourself as you begin your journey as a food blogger is; "How much money can I make off of food blogging?".

How Much Money Can A Food Blogger Make?

I wrote an in-depth article on how much money one can make from food blogging, as well as it showcases numerous famous recipe creators and how much income they make. Long article short, take a peek at this quote;

Food bloggers make "$62,275" on average per year -


I think this goes without saying that a fair amount of food bloggers are making enough income to support themselves, as well as having the opportunity to do what they enjoy. That is cooking food and sharing it for a living! So, in the essence of time, let's cut to the chase, and without further ado, here are some of the most important ways a food blogger can generate income;

  1. Ad'ify Your Website
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored Content
  4. Sell Recipe Books
  5. Course Creation
  6. Shoppable Recipes
  7. Food Photography

To accomplish all these modes of monetization it will require you to have the basics of food blogging, which includes both a recipe website alongside social media accounts revolving around your food blog and content. It is necessary to have both to make money as a creator due to some means of monetary compensation coming from social media, while others from blogging itself.

1. Place Ads On Your Website

A photo of scramble letters spelling out adwords.

When it comes down to turning your passion for food blogging into a career you are going to have to become familiar with placing advertisements on your website.

As you start your food blog you are going to have to work your way up to more premium networks for placing advertisements on your websites. The first that the majority of people encounter is Google Advertisements. Alongside that there is a list of premium networks, that not only give you more content related advertisements, but additionally provide you higher compensation for views. Here is a list of ad networks to check out;

At the end of the day, you are going to want to read through each one of the ad networks and see what fits your demographic the most. With all that said generating income from Ad revenue is your bread and butter in food blogging, check out this post by Pinch of Yum if you do not believe me. Over 80% of their income came from Ad's!

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you are unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, according to Investopedia, it is "an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company's products and services." In summary, affiliate marketing is commissioned sales. Most recipe templates, such as WP Tasty, as well as WPRM include the opportunity to attach affiliate links within your recipe templates. Throughout your posts, you will be able to place affiliate marketing links, such as in locations explaining that the recipe requires a luxurious mixer or such. Here are some examples of affiliate marketing programs that you can include in your recipe blog posts;

Affiliate marketing opportunities are all over the web so make sure to check out your favorite brands to see if they have an opportunity to gain commission for helping them sell products.

3. Sponsored Content

This one takes some time to build the relationships required to excel at this, but the gist is creating a relationship to have a premium sponsored advertisement. Perhaps that entails reaching out to your favorite brands and asking them if they would like the opportunity to have a sponsored post on your Instagram, or for them to pay you to incorporate a certain branded ingredient inside one of your ingredients. Check out this post by on Instagram. It features the brand Purely Elizabeth's granola, which I can bet a pretty penny that she made some money by featuring the brand on her food blog Instagram.

4. Sell a Recipe Book or Ebook

Cook from a Recipe Book

One of the oldest names in the game of generating revenue from being a recipe creator is selling recipe books. There is even a cookbook that dates back to Ancient Mesopotamia in 1700 BC. So, there has always been a dollar to be made from selling a cookbook. This Quora article has a great basic explanation of how to do it, and it has some fantastic comments that outline some of the other things to consider while creating a book. If you are more interested in the physical route, feel free to check out Amazon self-publishing opportunities.

5. Create a Course

Something prevalent throughout the blogging and food blogging industry is the opportunity to create a course. I think a beautiful example of the opportunities of courses, and the diversity in what you can create is found within @miakapro website. Her self-published masterclass on 'Comprehensive Real Food Sourcing' is a fantastic example of how you can change your passion into a monetary stream through course creation. This post by Nick Malekos on LearnWorld, is very comprehensive in creating a course.

6. Shoppable Recipes

Adding a shoppable recipe widget to your recipe pages is a way to generate additional revenue without having to do much more work. Shoppable Recipes is a small button that is placed below your ingredient section of recipes, that allows user to click it and shop their groceries online at their desired online grocery store. The compensation you gain is based on how many individuals you button to generate revenue. Chicory, the only Shoppable Recipe company, that I would recommend currently, has a fantastic way to gain revenue through their contextual commerce. Check out their product right here.

7. Food Photography

I phone capturing a photo of chocolate and raspberry

Before creating food blogs, doing food photography was the basis of making income from the love of food. Companies across the food and beverage industry are always in search of high-quality food photographers to digitalize and make their products and food come to life. If you doubt me walk into your local high-end cuisine establishment and look for some of the fantastic food photos.

Freelancing your photography skills, whether on online marketplaces like fiverr or reaching out to individual business places in your town is a great way to gain extra revenue through your online food blog. Check out this fantastic article on being a freelance food photographer by Sincerely Tori.


Thats that! In the realm of food blogging, diversifying income streams is key to success. Monetize your passion by incorporating affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and selling recipe books. Alongside course creation that brings something you are passionate about into an easy-to-follow course. Assist your audience in shopping with shoppable recipes, and showcase your culinary artistry through food photography. Ad'ify your website to maximize revenue and turn your love for food into a thriving online business. Those are my recommendations on how to make money from food blogging in 2024!

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